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A Contrarian Store

From material inputs like yarn, through manufacture to retail – every step towards the final consumption and ongoing use, has embedded energy within any product. It takes 60 000 kilowatt hours of primary energy per person, per year to ‘run’ the Australian economy. At every point of transaction, manufacture, wholesale, retail, use and then disposal, energy is consumed and lost. An effect of this massive profligate use of energy for the now expected and ‘normalised’ mode of modern consumer life, is carbon dioxide pollution – climate change. We’re also materially extracting so much from this finite planet that biodiversity is being trashed, and planetary boundaries crossed. With this reality, to think or believe that any one product or ‘brand’ that depends on the operation of that complex system of massive energy and material basis, is, logically, a furphy. A story or narrative of ‘sustainable’ or ‘green growth’ has no basis in reality. Using embedded energy wisely, maintaining needed goods for basic needs is an attitude that has a basis in a recognition that we live in an energy system, and on a finite planet. I encourage supporting local artisanal manufacture wherever you may be. I encourage maintaining products purchased, of any form, for maximum life, and repairing and mending as required.

Earwarmer Headbands

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These are fantastic for keeping the cold and the wind from one's ears. I make these on my circular sock machine, with the ribber (top dial in the photo) set to 'half pitch'. It takes the ribber needles horizontally over the spaces between the cylinder needles - enabling 108 needles (stitches) to be knitted. This gives a 2x1 rib. There is a twist on one side of the ear warmer, which can be worn at the back or on the forehead.

Made from Superfine Tasmanian Merino (White Gum Wool).

Handwash in cold water. Lie flat to dry. Do not tumble dry.

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