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Merino Wool and Silk Knee High 'Walk Socks'

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Made in Tasmania on my hand cranked Circular Sock Machine. Tasmanian Superfine Merino wool (70%), plied twist on twist with 30% Tussah Silk for strength, the yarn is spun in New Zealand. From a cone of merino silk yarn, I use my circular sock machine to craft these very comfortable and warm socks. Each finished by hand stitching the toes closed. Each sock contains approximately 100gms of merino silk yarn. They can be worn with the hung hem extended over the knees or folded.

Available in four colours, and 3 sizes.please choose from the drop down menus 

I encourage hand mending for extended life, and I include matching yarn with the socks for that practical action of sustaining a product for maximum longevity. Information on mending is available on my home page Information tab. When no further wear can be gained from the then much worn socks, they can be composted.

Handwash item in cold/warm water. Lay flat to dry. Do not tumble dry.

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