Practical Artisans


This website is part of my own navigation of the reality that we live in an energy economy. It is a navigation because the dominant human belief system that this society has embedded in it, is that we instead live in a financial/monetary economy.

This website is an evolving one, one small challenge to the symbols, stories and make believes that are part and parcel of every day human existence – stories that when questioned are often confabulations, erroneous against reality, emotional projections and ultimately stories we like to tell ourselves. It is part of my own exploration into ‘worth’.

My socks and other items for warmth, made quality with durable and comfortable yarn, are available through this website, with an encouragement to maintain and repair for maximum life. I have spent many hours investigating the environmental impacts of various yarns and their constituent parts or processes- wool, nylon, silk, super wash treated, untreated and therefore not machine washable, and the costs and complexities within the various choices. Each and every one of the products available within our complex civilisation, is dependent on and requires immense quantities of energy and material inputs to create, maintain and continue that complex system – making our economic system and the products made within it, unsustainable from the start. Suggestions of ‘sustainability’ within this system are just one more narrative, that do not stack up to the reality of human habitation (most especially in consumer, industrialised countries like Australia) on this planet. I focus on frugality, quality, durability, maintenance and repair, recognising the enormous embedded energy within all products and the entropic process that sees the human species metabolising the extraordinary life of this diverse planet and creating waste, extinction and chaos in its place. I aim for my makings to provide practical warmth and comfort, and that they ask something of ourselves.

Also on this website is a link to the writings of the unique, critical and beautiful mind of my companion and friend Andy (Ensemble Solitaire). For Andy’s friendship, care, effort, integrity and support in this one life of mine, on this extraordinary planet, in increasingly challenging times, I am fortunate beyond measure.